What Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing isn’t exactly a “new” thing, but it does happen to be “the” thing. While social media may have been the buzzword of 2010 and 2011, even FaceBook has gone mobile. When industry giants recognize and cater to “trends”, they are no longer a trend but an ever-present reality. It takes on a number of different forms, ranging from the “simple” SMS text message all the way to full-fledged mobile apps and mobile ready video and commercials. Entire books could fill up the spaces in between.

In a nutshell, mobile marketing is taking your message to today’s cellphones, SmartPhones, tablet PCs and other mobile devices that are tucked into purses, pockets and other easy-to-reach locations across the entire globe. It could mean offering a mobile version of your regular website, offering a banner advertisement on another website, insuring that your email marketing is mobile-ready, developing an app, partnering with an established mobile advertising agency, getting your mobile site listed on the mobile search engines and much, much more.

Some enterprises will be content with a simple, one-dimensional approach to mobile marketing, and may only use one or two of the options. Others will create a richer, more comprehensive strategy that brings all of these components into play. Often, which outlets you decide to use will depend greatly upon individual and unique factors that only you fully understand. We aren’t here to recommend one type over another, only to encourage you to make the strategic move towards integrating mobile marketing into your overall marketing mix.

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