Third-Party Rescue Tools and Services

Other Third-Party ToolsMany companies provide specialist software for rescuing data or hard disk. Here are details of packages I recommend.

O&O Disk Recovery
O&O Disk Recovery is a comprehensive package that performs several useful functions. The most commonly used function of the software is an unerase program to help recover files and folders that have been accidentally deleted. There are also other functions within the software that can provide recovery in scenarios such as the accidental formatting of a hard disk. This can be extremely useful, as in Windows 7 it can be annoyingly simple to accidentally format disks.

This software can be useful for rescuing data or a faulty disk in your PC, and you can also remove the hard disk from your PC and plug it into another computer to run these rescue tools on it.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer
Although Ashampoo WinOptimizer traditionally has not been used as a tool for rescuing a hard disk or data, it now contains a small utility that can help you do just that. This tool analyses your hard disk(s) to try to find defective areas or problems with the disk(s). It contains tools that can then be used to apply automatic repairs and fix some of the more common problems that you can encounter.

Other Third-Party Services
At some point, you might reach the stage where there’s nothing more you can do with your disk. If the disk includes critical data that you must recover, you will need to go to a professional data recovery specialist.

These companies offer extremely comprehensive services, and they can be hugely successful at recovering data from damaged hard disks, but they will not be inexpensive.

You can find data recovery specialists in your area by searching in your local telephone directory online or through a search engine.

Source of Information :  Microsoft Press - Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out

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