Confused About BitTorrent? Get The Big Book

You don’t have to be a grizzled computing vet to know that ultimately BitTorrent boils down to being “just a simple way to share files.” What most newbies and even some otherwise experienced vets don’t know, however, are the exactins and outs of BitTorrent, let alone how to use a client to share said files. Well, new help is available in the form of “The Big Book Of BitTorrent,” a 28-page, illustrated PDF guide from Saikat Basu, author of “The Things I Do” blog. Hosted by, Basu’s exploration into BitTorrent’s underbelly explains the pertinent jargon, how to acquire a client, copyright concerns, torrent storehouses, installations, downloads, uploads, pitfalls, codecs, protocol encryption, creating torrents, and more.

Waste Not, Want Not
Some of us donate our old computer gear to charities, schools, churches, or other good causes. Some of us recycle what we can. Others, unfortunately, just dump their systems. The more creative types among us, however, create works of art, as witnessed in the recent article/ gallery “20 Amazing Examples Of Art From Obsolete Technology” at, a site dedicated to urban design, subversive art, and strange architecture. As writer Matthew Rogers aptly put it, few of us stop to ponder the fate of once-beloved but now defunct technological relics of the past. A growing trend within the art world, however, is seeing artists construct “amazing works of art by utilizing the very technology that we let fall into disuse every day.” Among such works is the nearly 23-foot WEEE Man, a “politico-ecological statement against improper disposal of our most ubiquitous everyday appliances” that sports computer mice for teeth, washing machine doors for eyes, and monitors and other hardware in the skull.

Source of Information : CPU Magazine 07 2009

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