Windows Server 2008 Web-based services

Task-based Web server management is handled in Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0, a powerful, modular platform for remote applications and services with enhanced security, featuring health monitoring for Web services. IIS 7.0 and .NET Framework 3.0 provide the basis for application and user connectivity, enabling users to distribute and visualize shared information.

Windows Server 2008 SharePoint Services is a scalable, manageable platform for the collaboration and development of Web-based business applications. This can be installed as an integrated server role through the new Server Manager console — no more downloading and running Setup. The SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard runs you through the installation process for server farm configurations, dramatically easing the deployment options for large-scale enterprise networks. Consult Microsoft TechNet articles for more information on SharePoint Services.

Source of Information : For Dummies Windows Server 2008 For Dummies

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