Windows Server 2008 Data-based services

Centralized application and data access helps secure sensitive and/or personally identifying information to the remote working environment. Less data leaving the corporate network reduces the risk of accidental or incidental data loss through the interception, theft, or misplacement of company notebooks. Through TS Gateway and TS RemoteApp, participants can be limited to a single application or several resources, without exposing any more information than necessary to do their jobs.

For those mobile users out in the field, BitLocker Drive Encryption provides a complete cryptographic solution to safely and securely store sensitive data at rest. Everything up to core Windows operating system data and files gets cryptographic coverage so that tampering by unauthorized parties is thwarted, even if the hard drive is removed and the notebook is manipulated in any way.

Windows Server 2008 File Services are technological provisions that facilitate storage management, file replication, folder sharing, fast searching, and accessibility for UNIX client computers. See Microsoft TechNet articles for information on these features.

Source of Information : For Dummies Windows Server 2008 For Dummies

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