The constant nemesis: data growth

IDC’s Digital Universe study estimates that the amount of data stored worldwide is more than doubling every two years, so it is no surprise that managing data growth is often listed as one of the top priorities by IT leaders. IT professionals have ample experience with this problem and are well aware of the difficulties managing data growth in their corporate data centers. Balancing performance and data protection requirements with power and space constraints is a constant challenge.

IT leaders cannot surrender to the problems of data growth, so they need a strategy that will diminish the impact of it on their organizations. The hybrid cloud storage approach leverages cloud storage to offload data growth pressures to the cloud. Storage, which has always had an integral role in computing, will continue to have a fundamental role in the transformation to hybrid cloud computing—for its primary functionality (storing data) as well as its impact on those responsible for managing it.

Source of Information : Rethinking Enterprise Storage

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