Of course, no application in enterprise IT exists as an island; every application communicates in one
form or another with others. Applications can receive or send real-time updates to others through direct messaging, queues, or publish-and-subscribe techniques; can receive events from external
sources such as sensors; and/or can receive bulk, batch updates (“extract, transform, and load” or ETL) from others.

Azure Service Bus is a messaging system in the cloud for connecting applications, services, and devices to one another through a variety of protocols, including topic-based, message-based, and
publish-and-subscribe. Service Bus supports a variety of protocols (REST, AMQP, WS-*), and you can use it to connect cloud applications to one another and to on-premises applications, as well.

Azure Event Hubs provides a massively scalable event ingestion service. Also supporting a variety of protocols, Event Hubs can scale out to support thousands, millions, or even billions of events per day
and is designed for small or very large IoT applications.

Azure Logic Apps gives developers a means to quickly create applications in a stepwise fashion by connecting applications such as SQL Database or Twitter visually. With Logic Apps, you can rapidly and graphically develop workflow apps with connectors and triggers.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is one of the oldest data integration standards, and its use in electronic commerce is widespread. Azure BizTalk Services provides a cloud-based means for connecting EDI applications together with support for EDI, X.12, EDIFACT, and AS2.

Of course, this list of services does not represent the full panoply of capabilities available. We encourage you to frequently review the Microsoft Azure website ( for updates, new features, and new services.

Source of Information : Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Strategy

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