MSEO - Mobile Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to Internet marketing, it’s all about SEO. When it comes to mobile marketing, it’s all about MSEO - Mobile Search Engine Optimization - a critical step that must precede any successful campaign. When mobile device marketing started out with a lot of restraints and constrictions, developers were generally limited to WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) or the .mobi domain in order to get their messages across. When greater choice and competition entered the mobile arena, all of that changed. Today’s mobile experience can easily measure up to the traditional website experience; however, it can’t be accomplished without a bit of research and hard work on your part.

Wondering why it matters? Let’s think about it like this: According to iCrossing, there are about 1 billion computer users, compared to a whopping 2.3 billion mobile subscribers - and that was about three years ago! As mobile devices grow increasingly sophisticated AND affordable, growth and increased traffic forecasts will remain promising.

When it comes to creating a specific, separate site for mobile devices, this is - admittedly - a bit more difficult, but still do-able. Doing it well is something you can do yourself, assuming you arm yourself with the right tools and tricks. Smashing Magazine offers a fairly in-depth tutorial that will arm you with what you need to know if you just visit:

Local directory submission is simple and free (if you do it yourself), but you can often benefit from service providers who specialize in multiple (and often targeted) directory submissions at incredibly affordable prices. For the equivalent of about $33.00 a month, you can enlist the aid of of to gain access to a listing in over 100 different local directories PLUS a custom created video that you can use to promote your offer. However, if you’re intent on doing it yourself, there is a great list to start out with that you can find for free at:

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