Applications of WAP

The first and foremost application of WAP is accessing the Internet from mobile devices.
This is already in use in many mobile phones. This application is gaining popularity daily,
and many web sites already have a WAP version of their site. An application, which is out, is sending sale offers to mobile customers through WAP. The user’s phone will be able to receive any sale prices and offers from the web site of a store.

Games can be played from mobile devices over wireless devices. This application has been implemented in certain countries and is under development in many others. This is an application which has been predicted to gain high popularity. Application to access time sheets and filing expenses claims via mobile handsets are currently being developed. These applications, when implemented, will be a breakthrough in the business world.

Applications to locate WAP customers geographically have been developed. Applications to help users who are lost or stranded by guiding them using their locations are under
consideration. WAP also provides short messaging, e-mail, weather, and traffic alerts based on the geographic location of the customer. These applications are available in some countries but will soon be provided in all countries. One of the biggest applications of WAP under consideration is banking from mobile devices.

These applications will be very popular if they are implemented in a secure manner. The mobile industry appears to be moving forward, putting aside the issues of network and air interface standards, and instead concentrating on laying the foundations for service development, regarded by many as the key driver to multimedia on the move and third generation mobile systems. From that point of view, in the near future WAP and Bluetooth will play fundamental roles.

Source of Information : Elsevier Wireless Networking Complete

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