Video Mirroring with FaceTime

Another new hardware feature of the iPad 2, which hasn’t gotten a lot of attention yet, is its capability to send the screen content from the device to another screen, such as a monitor or television screen.

Known as video mirroring, this is very useful if you ever want to run a demonstration of an iPad app for a class, and it’s ideal for broadcasting FaceTime calls to many people at once. The iPad could do this, but only to Apple-compatible devices. The iPad 2 allows video mirroring to a much larger set of monitors.

To use video mirroring, all you need to do is purchase the correct video adapter for your iPad 2. If you want to connect to a computer monitor or TV with a VGA input, you should get the VGA adapter. To connect to an HDTV, purchase the Digital AV connector. Both of these connectors are available for purchase online at the Apple Web site or at any
Apple retail outlet. If you have a widescreen monitor, you can set the iPad 2 to feed to it by following these instructions.

1. Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen. The Settings app will open.

2. Tap the Video setting. The Video settings pane will open.

3. Slide the Widescreen control to On.

Source of Information : Cengage-iPad for Kids Using the iPad to Play and Learn 2011

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