The Educational Case for the iPad

With the right apps, the iPad can become more than just a content consumption device for videos, music, and electronic books. It can be an educational and content production device for kids as well, generating documents, spreadsheets, presentations, music, and video, while also giving children a window into a vast array of knowledge.

This ability to make content, given the right apps, immediately increases the iPad’s value as a useful educational device. Students, parents, and teachers can have the tools to learn about new concepts and then turn around and create information based on that learning.

The potential education uses for the iPad are limited only by your ingenuity:

» Parents can let their younger children play with qualified apps that will provide hours of entertainment, while also practicing the basic skills of reading and mathematics.

» Teachers can use the iPad to create lesson plans and present engaging multimedia presentations at home or in the classroom.

» Older students can research new material and put that material together in traditional reports or cutting-edge multimedia presentations of their own.

These, of course, are just a few possible scenarios of iPad use for education. A computer could handle just about all of these tasks, of course, but even laptops can be a hassle to carry around and can require a good chunk of personal space to use. Not to mention the short life of a laptop battery, which often has you looking for a plug. The iPad’s flat form greatly eases transport, and the 10-hour battery life means you won’t be married to an outlet.

Is an iPad device right for every situation? It would be easy to get all excited and say “why yes, yes it is.” But this isn’t always the case. The design of the device itself should make you think about using it in certain instances. For example, an iPad has a large amount of glass, so using it in an environment where that glass can be damaged is obviously not a good idea. Care especially should be taken when younger children are using the device for just this reason. Still, with the right accessory— namely, a good carrying case—and some common sense, even that problem can be solved.

If you see possibilities for using the iPad with your child or students, the first thing you need to do is get yourself an iPad, which sometimes can be easier said than done.

Source of Information : Cengage-iPad for Kids Using the iPad to Play and Learn 2011

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