Take a minute or two and look at the traffic volume for the keywords “social media” and “search engine optimization” on Google Trends (http://wsm.co/f6NpVR). We’ll give you a hint: “social media” is a very popular search term.

What you will find is that social media clearly owns a lofty position in the minds of search marketers. But even though social media dominates the conversation today and increasingly warrants the attention and investments of Web professionals, the influence and importance of SEO remains vital to an enterprise’s bottom line. What has changed in SEO are the tools available to search professionals — including social media properties. And while social might be picking up steam, search has never slowed … ever. For these reasons, it is imperative that your SEO agency is ready, willing and able to serve in the age of more integrated Internet marketing.

In the process of selecting a SEO agency or evaluating your current agency, you will find a crowded marketplace — and nearly as many social media experts. The industry is maturing and bringing new channels and opportunities for consumer engagement and revenue. This is driving traditional SEOs to adopt new approaches to acquiring traffic. Today, social media, paid search and mobile applications are forcing agencies to adopt new practices. In fact, finding a provider that focuses exclusively on SEO and not social media or advertising is increasingly rare.

Website Magazine’s Top 50 SEO Agencies provides a meaningful look into these companies with the aim to help narrow the field of some of the best choices for your business. Let this list act as a valuable resource should you be in pursuit of greater success in your SEO campaigns.

1. SEO.com
2. WeBuildPages.com
3. fathomseo.com
4. blueglass.com
5. OrangeSoda.com
6. 360i.com
7. icrossing.com
8. SEOlogic.com
9. Ebrandz.com
10. seoinc.com
11. bruceclay.com
12. customermagnetism.com
13. BlurbPoint.com
14. iProspect.com
15. PortentInteractive.com
16. SEOP.com
17. crexendo.com
18. MainStreetHost.com
19. SeerInteractive.com
20. OneUpWeb.com
21. bestrank.com
22. BigMouthMedia.com
23. thesearchagency.com
24. VastVision.com
25. evisibility.com
26. Beanstalk-inc.com
27. VizionInteractive.com
28. Thinkbigsites.com
29. 97thfloor.com
30. seoimage.com
31. slingshotseo.com
32. freshrank.com
33. Rosetta.com
34. IncreaseVisibility.com
35. intrapromote.com
36. WebMetro.com
37. anuvatech.com
38. ephricon.com
39. primevisibility.com
40. seocompany.net
41. 7strategy.com
42. LoveClients.com
43. 1stonthelist.ca
44. PMDigital.com
45. KeywordPerformance.com
46. seobounty.com
47. MediumBlue.com
48. peakpositions.com
49. seoresource.net
50. arteworks.biz

Website Magazine’s Top 50 Rankings are measures of a website’s popularity. Ranks are calculated using a proprietary method that focuses on average daily unique visits and page views over a specified period of time, as reported by multiple data sources. The website with the highest combination of factors is ranked in the first position. Conducting research, making formal comparisons and talking to existing clients and users before making any purchase decision is always recommended.

Source of Information : Website Magazine for March 2011

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