Social Gamers Go Mobile

Smartphone analytics firm Flurry has declared the era of marketing singularly to the 18- to 34-year-old group of hardcore male gamers as officially over. In particular, hardcore gaming is facing competition from more mass-market-friendly gaming apps on mobile devices. In addition, mobile social gaming is attracting a much stronger female base, as well as a younger average user. In February, Flurry reported it has detected more than 250 million unique iOS and Android devices in the market, and it’s detecting more than 750,000 new devices daily. Those devices are commanding a larger installed base than the combination of portable game platforms Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. In fact, Flurry says the audience playing mobile social games exceeds that of any U.S. primetime television show, the best of which can top 20 million viewers on days airing new episodes. So, game on.

Source of Information : Wireless Week

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