Windows 7 Third-Party Websites

There are hundreds of PC help websites, some of which require a subscription (although I wouldn’t recommend these). You should decide for yourself about the value of specific websites, but I recommend the following sites.

Tom’s Hardware
Tom’s Hardware is a long-standing website devoted to hardware and hardware problems. This site includes extensive forums containing a huge wealth of information, and experts are always available to help diagnose and fix difficult problems.

Tech PC Forums
Tech PC Forums is a forum website that contains a wealth of valuable information. Experts are available to answer your questions and help solve your computer-related problems.
Run by the people behind Tom’s Hardware, is an excellent resource for help with complex and difficult PC problems.

How-To Geek
How-To Geek helps you perform a wide variety of tasks in Windows 7 and other operating systems and software packages. Many tasks help resolve PC issues and problems.
This is the accompanying website to the book Windows 7 Annoyances: Tips, Secrets, and Solutions by David A. Karp (O’Reilly Media, 2010). It’s an excellent archive of problems that you can search through to find solutions to common Windows 7 problems.'

Gibson Research
Steve Gibson is a well-respected IT security expert. On the Gibson Research website, he provides many tools to help diagnose and repair security flaws in your installation of Windows.

ATI Support
Graphics card problems are common with Windows. Fortunately, there are only two major manufacturers providing the core hardware for graphics card technology, so help is centralized. You can find support for an ATI-based graphics card at the ATI support website.

nVidia Support
Similar to the ATI support page, the nVidia support website is the place to visit if you have an nVidia-based graphics card in your PC.

MSDN Diagnostics
The Microsoft MSDN site offers an extensive section for diagnosing and troubleshooting Windows 7. This includes the Windows Troubleshooting Platform (WTP) that enables system administrators to write custom troubleshooting packs.

Within Windows
Software author Rafael Rivera has years of experience delving deep into Windows, producing fixes to undocumented features and providing software to enhance the functionality of Microsoft products.

The Long Climb
The Long Climb is my own website. I offer PC support and updates on security and other issues with PCs and Windows. I can also be contacted through this website with any questions you may have.

Source of Information : Microsoft Press - Troubleshooting Windows 7 Inside Out

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