Stop Message - Identifying the Stop Error

Finding Troubleshooting Information
Each Stop error requires a different troubleshooting technique. Therefore, after you identify the Stop error and gather the associated information, use the following sources for troubleshooting information specific to that Stop error:

- The section titled “Common Stop Messages” later in this chapter This section is intended as a reference for troubleshooting Stop errors; however, it does not include every possible Stop error. If the Stop error number you are troubleshooting is not listed in “Common Stop Messages,” refer to the Debugging Tools For Windows Help.

- Microsoft Debugging Tools For Windows Help Install Microsoft Debugging Tools For Windows and consult Help for that tool. This Help contains the definitive list of Stop messages, including many not covered in this chapter, and explains how to troubleshoot a wide variety of Stop errors. To install Debugging Tools For Windows, visit

- Microsoft Knowledge Base The Knowledge Base includes timely articles about a limited subset of Stop errors. Stop error information in the Knowledge Base is often specific to a particular driver or hardware feature and generally includes step-by-step instructions for resolving the problem.

- Microsoft Help and Support For related information, see Microsoft Help and Support at

- Microsoft Product Support Services If you cannot isolate the cause of the Stop error, obtain assistance from trained Microsoft Product Support Services personnel. You might need to furnish specific information and perform certain procedures to help technical support investigate your problem. For more information about Microsoft product support, visit

Source of Information : Windows 7 Resource Kit 2009 Microsoft Press

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