Recovering Deleted Items Using the AD Recycle Bin

Deleted objects can be restored using the LDP.exe utility, or they can be recovered using Windows PowerShell. PowerShell offers a much more straightforward approach to recovery of deleted items, and is recommended in most cases.

To recover a deleted object, use the Get-ADObject cmdlet from the Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell, being sure to open the module using the Run As Administrator option. Get-ADObject can be used to find objects, which can then be recovered using the Restore-ADObject cmdlet. For example, the following syntax, recovers a deleted user account for user Zachary Sefanov:

Get-ADObject –Filter {displayName –eq “Zachary Sefanov”} –IncludeDeletedObjects | Restore-ADObject

For more information about these cmdlets, type Get-Help Get-AdObject of Get-Help
Restore-ADObject from PowerShell.

Source of Information : Sams - Windows Server 2008 R2 Unleashed

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