Windows Deployment Platform Components - Windows SIM

Windows SIM is the tool you use to create and configure Windows 7 answer files. You can configure features, packages, and answer file settings. Windows Setup uses Unattend.xml to configure and customize the default Windows 7 installation for all configuration passes. For instance, you can customize Internet Explorer, configure Windows Firewall, and specify the hard drive configuration. You can use Windows SIM to customize Windows 7 in many ways, including the following:

• Install third-party applications during installation.
• Customize Windows 7 by creating answer files (Unattend.xml).
• Apply language packs, service packs, and updates to an image during installation.
• Add device drivers to an image during installation.

With versions of Windows earlier than Windows Vista, you had to edit answer file settings manually using a text editor, even after initially creating an answer file by using Windows Setup Manager. The Windows 7 answer file (Unattend.xml) is based on XML and is far too complex to edit manually, however. So you must use Windows SIM to edit Windows 7 answer files.

Source of Information : Windows 7 Resource Kit 2009 Microsoft Press

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