Windows 7 Shortcut Keys

Longtime users of Windows have probably grown accustomed to navigating around the Windows user interface using the keyboard. This especially comes in handy when your mouse or trackball decides to suddenly quit working, and you need to save the document you’re working on. On modern computer keyboards, you will see a Windows key that looks like the Microsoft Windows logo—pressing this Windows key once will bring up the Start menu. However, starting with Windows XP, you can use combinations of the Windows key and other keys to perform certain system tasks quickly. Although not an exhaustive list, several Windows key shortcuts that are useful in Windows 7 that might help speed your way through the Windows UI.

Windows Shortcut Keys
Windows+Shift+left, right arrow
Moves the active window to the left or right monitor in multimonitor setups

Opens the Projector Settings application to select where the active display is presented (used mainly with laptop and multimonitor computers)

Shows the desktop; all windows become transparent so you can see the desktop behind them

Windows++/– (plus/minus keys)
Zooms in/out

Opens Windows Explorer

Locks the computer

Minimizes all windows and show the desktop

Windows Aero task switcher—works like Alt+Tab but shows a preview of the window you are switching to

Opens a search window

As you can see, there are a multitude of Windows key combinations that can make your day-to-day life easier as you’re jetting around the Windows interface. A more comprehensive list of Windows shortcut keys can be found in the Windows 7 online help.

Source of Information : QUE Microsoft Windows in Depth (09-2009)

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