Add the Built-in Administrator Account to the Login Screen

The built-in Administrator account is intentionally hidden to keep out users who don’t have sufficient knowledge to understand the risks involved in using such an account. Typically, the only way to get to it is by starting the computer in Safe Mode. If you’re an advanced user and want to be able to get to that account from the login page, you just have to enable the account. Here’s how:

1. Log in to an account that has administrative privileges.

2. Click the Start button, right-click Computer, and choose Manage.

3. In the left column of the Computer Management tool that opens, click Local Users and Groups.

4. In the center column, double-click the Users folder.

5. Right-click the Administrator account and choose Properties.

6. Clear the check mark beside Account is Disabled and click OK.

7. Close the Computer Management window.

When you log out of your current account, you’ll see the Administrator account on the login page. It will also appear there each time you start the computer.

Source of Information : Windows 7 Bible (2009)

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