Windows 7 on the Corporate Network

Because Windows 7 Professional is designed as a replacement for Windows XP Professional and Vista, it is designed to work well on corporate networks. Thus, it contains all the network and security features of Windows XP Professional and Vista, including these:

• Support for IP Security (IPSec), to protect data being transmitted across VPNs
• Kerberos v5 support for authentication
• Group Policy settings for administering networks and users
• Roaming user profiles to let users see their own files and preference settings on any computer
• Offline viewing of network data when not connected to the network
• Synchronization of local and network files
• Easy dial-up and VPN networking setup, plus Remote Desktop Connection, DirectAccess, and more
• Support for Active Directory (Microsoft’s directory service feature that helps manage users and resources on large networks)
• Disk quotas, to prevent a few storage-hog users from running the server out of space
• Internet Information Services, including FTP, World Wide Web service, and scriptable management interfaces
• Fax services for sending and receiving faxes
• Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support
• Print services for UNIX

However, if you want to enjoy the maximum possible feature set, choose Windows 7 Ultimate Edition. It is equally at home in corporate networks and as a part of a home entertainment system.

Source of Information : QUE Microsoft Windows in Depth

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