Windows 7 Built-in Applications - Snipping Tool

Beginning with Windows Vista, Microsoft shipped an application called the Snipping Tool, which is included in Windows 7 as well. The Snipping Tool is a screen-capture tool.

To launch the Snipping Tool, select Start menu->Snipping Tool.

Clicking the arrow next to the New button reveals four options in which you can capture your screenshots:

Free-form Snip
You can capture your screen by simply moving your mouse to designate the area you want to capture; it can be of any shape.

Rectangular Snip
You capture a rectangular portion of your screen.

Windows Snip
You capture any of the opened windows on the screen.

Full-screen Snip
You capture the entire screen. This works for multiple monitor setups, too.

You can save the image to disk or email it. If you want to insert the captured image into another application (say, Word), click the Copy icon (third icon) and paste it into your target application.

Longtime users of Windows know that they can capture screenshots easily using the Print Scrn key (or Alt-Print Scrn for capturing the current active window) on the keyboard. But the Snipping Tool makes it easy for you to capture specific parts of your screen directly without needing to further edit your screenshots. It also allows you to directly save the screenshots to file.

Source of Information : Oreilly Windows 7 Up and Running

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