Using Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 8

If you visit an older web site that doesn’t display correctly—misaligned text, images, and text boxes—in Internet Explorer 8, you can quickly fix it, in most cases, with Compatibility view (New!). When you open an older site that Internet Explorer recognizes, the Compatibility View button appears in the Address bar, near the Refresh button. The button appears on a per site basis. However, once you click the button for a site, you don’t have to do it again. Internet Explorer maintains a list of sites with Compatibility view, which you can customize (New!).

Fix the Display of Older Web Sites
1. Open the older web page with the display you want to fix. If the Compatibility View button appears in the Address bar next to the Refresh button, the option is available (New!).

2. To fix the display of an older web site, click the Compatibility View button in the Address bar. A ScreenTip appears indicating Compatibility View is enabled.

3. To change Compatibility view settings, click the Tools button on the Command bar, and then click Compatibility View Settings.

4. To remove a site, select the site, and then click Remove.

5. To enable other options, select the check boxes you want.

6. Click Close.

You can browse using your keyboard. With caret browsing, you can use the navigation keys—Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, and the arrow keys. Press F7 or click the Page button, click Caret Browsing, and then click Yes.

Source of Information : Microsoft Windows 7 on Demand (2009)

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