Customizing Library Folders in Windows 7

In your library folders, you can customize view options based on the contents. In the toolbar of the Pictures and Music library folders, Windows provides buttons with file management activities specifically related to the contents of the folder, such as Slide Show in the Pictures library, or Play All in the Music library. The Arrange by options are also related to the folder contents, such as Rating in the Pictures library, or Artist in the Music library. When you create a new library folder, you can customize it for documents, pictures, music, and videos by applying a folder template (New!), which is a collection of folder tasks and viewing options. When you apply a template to a folder, you apply specific features to the folder, such as specialized tasks and viewing options for working with documents, pictures, music, and videos.

Customize a Library Folder Step
1. Open the library folder you want to change.

2. Click the Organize button on the toolbar, and then click Properties.

3. Click the Optimize this library for list arrow, and then select the type of folder you want: General Items, Documents, Pictures, Videos, or Music.

4. To show or hide the library in the Navigation pane, select or clear the Shown in navigation pane check box.

5. To restore library default settings for this folder, click Restore Defaults.

6. Click OK.

Source of Information : Microsoft Windows 7 on Demand (2009)

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