Intel LAN Fest InfernaLAN & Netwar 17.0

Zombies and raids were the order of the day (and night) at InfernaLAN, but it was Joshua Sniffen’s Seraphim that bathed the Intel cafeteria in DuPont, Wash., in a heavenly light. Its beauty and craftsmanship smote the competition hip and thigh. This 3.5GHz Core i7 mod started out as a Lian-Li PC-V351 micro-ATX cube. Even with the extra room this chassis afforded Joshua over the PC-V300, he still needed to make room for a dualpump watercooling setup, cold cathodes, and an EVGA GeForce GTX 260 Core 216 Superclocked, not to mention a beautiful, custom Plexiglas GPU water block he created. Blessed with a Dremel, he proceeded to make the interior of the Lian-Li more holy. Still, Joshua needed the patience of Job to install everything. He etched the amazing Armored Angel drawing by James Dies into his transparent GPU water block cover. To dress the tool marks around the edges of the block—or rather his third, as the first two blocks cracked—he touched them up with a pillar of propane fire. A custom LED harness gave this angel its halo. Next, he mounted the graven image on a Koolance CPU-350 cooling block, which necessitated the second pump. The copper radiator was a new, unreleased model from Koolance. (Hey, it pays to have connections with one of the Chosen.) Joshua nearly had to strike a Faustian bargain to install the big pixel-pusher, and the integration of the cooling system proved so devilish that he had to snake some of the hoses into place using chopsticks. Joshua customized and/or fabricated the wiring harnesses to be easily hidden and no longer than necessary. He took the same approach with the lengths of the coolant hoses. Another modification was to move the drive mounts ahead to allow an 80mm fan to fit flush with the rear panel. Rubber grommets keep the SATA drives from passing any vibrations to the chassis. Finally, a cunningly attached bay cover completely stealths the Blu-ray drive yet ejects the tray with the touch of a finger. Joshua credits Christopher Jahosky and James Dies for the artwork on the outside of the case, which he lovingly rendered in vinyl. And we couldn’t help but credit Joshua for hand-crafting the top mod in CPU’s InfernaLAN competition.

Source of Information : CPU Magazine 07 2009

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