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Application As Service
Eltima Software

There are plenty of ways to make programs start automatically when Windows loads, but most of them offer no control beyond that. Application As Service changes that by letting you treat any program as a Windows system service, providing all of the advanced configurability and other features that system services enjoy. As an example, say you use a backup program that you want to run on a regular basis, but other people use your computer and often shut it down accidentally. Using AaS, you can set up the program so it launches automatically when Windows loads, runs when you want it to run, and automatically restarts itself if some bonehead tries to kill it. And those are just some of the things this useful software allows.

Launching the software displays all of your Windows system services, as well as a separate list of Eltima Services you can add to manually. Clicking the Create button lets you establish a new service for any program installed on the PC, and you don’t have to navigate to the executable. Select the program’s shortcut, and the software automatically fills in the entire path to the .EXE. Once AaS creates a service, the GUI provides access to a staggering number of options, and even more are available via the command line interface. You can easily bind the service to a particular CPU or core, assign dependencies so it starts in the proper order if it relies on another service, establish environmental variables, and determine how the service reacts when the computer loses power or is rebooted. It’s even possible to close pop-up windows the service may generate when it loads, and full scheduling is easy to implement with the GUI. The software also has functionality to manage services on other PCs remotely, and you can password-protect the software itself so nobody can modify your settings or remove a program from the service list. The price is a bit steep for casual users, but if you manage a lot of PCs or certain programs that run on your machine are critical, AaS provides a convenient, powerful way to manage them that goes well beyond the Startup folder.

Source of Information : CPU Magazine 07 2009

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