AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition

If you just got a brand-new Phenom II X4 940 BE and are kicking yourself for not waiting for the 955 BE, you can stop. The 955 is pretty much the same story as the 940, but with a slightly faster clock (3.2GHz vs. 3GHz, respectively). AMD pulled the same stunt with the Phenom X4 9850 BE and 9950 BE. It’s not that the 955 is unimpressive, it’s just that it’s not any more impressive than its predecessor, the 940. The slight bump in benchmark performance is easily explainable with the slightly higher clock of the 955. If you’re overclocking, the bump is a bit more noticeable. I hit P9642 in 3DMark Vantage with a clock speed of 3.86GHz—a significant step up from the stockspeed score of P6488. The bottom line is that the Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition is a slightly better chip than the 940 and enters the market at a better price—$30 less, to be exact. We can only assume that price will drop with the next batch of AMD CPUs, so it’s a great deal for AMD’s best processor.

Source of Information : CPU Magazine 07 2009

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