Acer Aspire 3935

Acer’s Budget Laptop Home Run

Acer has been delivering affordable systems for as long as the company has existed. The majority of those systems, however, have come with design trade-offs. Often they were too thick, too heavy, or just plain ugly. The Aspire 3935 ushers in what we hope will be a new era for the company. The sleek metallic cover, the 1-inchthick chassis, and the sheer portability of this system are qualities that customers have been yearning for but hadn’t been able to get in such a sweet deal. The 3935 is a huge departure from Acer systems like the Aspire 6930G and the Aspire One (10-inch) in that the thick plastic cases have been replaced by brushed aluminium on the lid. The 3935 is almost as thin as the Apple MacBook 13-inch (Aluminum) and weighs just 4.1 pounds. The 13.3-inch widescreen is work- and media-friendly, and the small touchpad has multitouch features, though they were somewhat unresponsive. Arguably the most desirable feature on the 3935 is the built-in dual-layer DVD burner. The most glaring omission: an HDMI-out port. The 3935 is also GreenTech Approved, for meeting our criteria on materials, energy efficiency, and recyclability. The 3935’s most impressive performance feat was its battery life. Most of its competitors have bigger batteries but can’t achieve the 3935’s 4-hour 50-minute battery score. It says a lot when a company can produce a gorgeous design at a price many would call a bargain. The metallic design and surprisingly good battery score alone are worthy of an Editors’ Choice; we consider the speedy components, ample features, and GreenTech seal extra credit.—Cisco Cheng
Source of Information : PC Magazine July 2009

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