Windows Vista Standard

This oddball user experience is designed specifically for Vista Home Basic users and is an olive branch, of sorts, to those who have the hardware required to run Windows Aero but cannot do so because that user experience is not included in Home Basic.

Vista Standard is essentially a visual compromise between Vista Basic and Windows Aero. That is, it features the look and feel of Windows Aero, minus the translucency effects. Under the hood, however, it utilizes the less-sophisticated display technologies utilized by Windows Vista Basic. In addition to lacking Aero’s transparency feature, Windows Vista Standard also dispenses with many other Aero features, such as Flip 3D and live taskbar thumbnails.

If you are running Windows Vista Home Basic and would like to upgrade to Aero, you need to utilize Vista’s unique Windows Anytime Upgrade service—available to Vista Home Basic and Home Premium customers—to upgrade to Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate Edition.

Source of information : Wiley Windows Vista Secrets SP1 Edition

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