Hidden Perils of the Vista Upgrade

With all the new features and functionality provided by Windows Vista, you might be tempted to buy a retail version of the operating system and install it over your existing copy of Windows XP.

I don’t recommend doing that, for the following reasons:

• Your old PC may not be up to the challenge of running Vista. You may need substantial investments in additional RAM, a more capable video card, a larger hard drive, or all of the above to get adequate performance from Windows Vista.

• Some of your hardware, such as printers and networking adapters, may not work at all after you install Windows Vista—unless you update the drivers they need to versions that are Vista-compatible.

• Even if you find that one or more of your drivers need to be updated, the vendor of your hardware may not make a Vista-compatible version available for months, years, or ever. (It’s happened before with previous versions of Windows.)

• Some of the software that’s installed and running just fine in Windows XP may not work properly once you’ve performed the upgrade.

• Finally, some software or hardware may never work in Vista. Companies do go out of business, after all.

Source of information : Wiley Windows Vista Secrets SP1 Edition

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