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Diskeeper Undelete 2009


If you accidently delete an important file, you could restore your files using your backup software—but doing so may have some unintended consequences, such as overwriting recently updated files. The Windows Recycle Bin keeps some of your files, but if the file has been overwritten or is exceptionally large, Recycle Bin won’t retain a copy of the file. Diskeeper’s Undelete 2009 ($29.95; www.undelete.com) replaces the Windows Recycle Bin with Diskeeper’s Recovery Bin to let you access and restore all of your deleted and overwritten files. To help you locate deleted files, Undelete 2009 includes a search tool to let you find and recover the files you need. The recovery program also lets you roll back a file, such as a document or spreadsheet, to an earlier saved version, so you can quickly load an older version. Because you may not know which file version is the one you want, Undelete 2009 features the ability to preview the content, so you’ll know that you’re restoring the correct version. For file security, Undelete 2009 provides SecureDelete 2.0, which is a feature that purges files using a technique developed for the National Security Agency and the Department of Defense.

Source of Information : Smart Computing / January 2009


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