Talking with VoIP in Ubuntu

Ubuntu users are not restricted to the world of text and graphics. There are three different VoIP packages available for Dapper. The default Dapper desktop includes Ekiga-formerly called GnomeMeeting. This is an open source VoIP system that supports SIP and H.323 protocols. This means you can use Ekiga to talk to other Ekiga users, as well as Microsoft NetMeeting, Skype, and WengoPhone users. Skype and WengoPhone are also available for Ubuntu. Unlike Ekiga, Skype and WengoPhone provide VoIP to landline services. For a small fee, you can use your computer to dial a real telephone number.

Each of these VoIP choices offers similar functionality. Each supports audio, video, and text messaging, each can call directly or use a centralize registration and directory system, and each can handle multiple calls at once. The main differences are in licensing and landline access: Ekiga and WengoPhone are open source, whereas Skype is not, and only Skype and WengoPhone allow you to call a real telephone number (for a nominal fee). Although each of these systems can chat with a Microsoft NetMeeting user, none of them can view a shared NetMeeting desktop.

Ubuntu does not support all video devices. But if Ubuntu supports the device, then Ekiga and WengoPhone can probably use it for video conferencing. Unfortunately, Skype (for Linux) does not support video conferencing.

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Source of Information : Hacking Ubuntu

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