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What is Red Hat Linux SMTP and sendmail
Even with multimedia attachments and HTML encoding prevalent in e-mail messages today, the technology behind message transfer hasn't changed significantly since the early 1980s. The framework for the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) was initially described in RFC 821 in 1982. The protocol itself was extended in 1993 (RFC 1425), yielding the Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (ESMTP), which provides more commands and new delivery modes.

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Examining Ubuntu Boot Process with Boot Chart
Boot chart (, by Ziga Mahkovec, is an impressive and useful utility that monitors the boot process, creating data files that it uses to generate a graphical representation of your system’s boot process.

What Is Ubuntu BASH Shell?
The best way of explaining the BASH shell to a Windows user is to compare it to the DOS command prompt. It lets you issue commands directly to the operating system via the keyboard without needing to mess around with the mouse and windows (although it is sometimes possible to use the mouse within a BASH shell to copy and paste text, and sometimes to control simple textbased menus). The big difference is that the BASH shell has commands for just about everything you might do on your system, whereas the DOS command prompt is restricted to tools capable of manipulating and viewing files and directories, and on Windows 2000/XP machines, configuring certain system settings.

Sharing Printers in Ubuntu
After you have added your printer, you can share it with other people on the network. Sharing the printer requires knowing who will use it: other system using CUPS, other devices using LPD, or other computers running Windows.

Talking with VoIP in Ubuntu
Ubuntu users are not restricted to the world of text and graphics. There are three different VoIP packages available for Dapper. The default Dapper desktop includes Ekiga-formerly called GnomeMeeting.

Cloud storage is for blocks too, not just files

One of the misconceptions about cloud storage is that it is only useful for storing files. This assumption comes from the popularity of file...