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It’s still sometimes shocking that various BIOS-flashing utilities and hard drive manufacturers’ tools require you to boot to DOS with a floppy disk, especially since floppy drives are virtually extinct. Thankfully, there’s Ultimate Boot CD, which combines hundreds of these kinds of DOS utilities (along with many Linuxbased utilities) onto one self-booting CD. UBCD includes tools for RAM and CPU testing, boot/OS management, data recovery, hard disk partitioning, hard disk diagnostics, hard disk cloning and wiping, benchmarking, and more. There’s even an updated version of Avira antivirus for DOS, and a utility to copy the UBCD onto flash drives. This is one disc that should be in everyone’s computing toolkit.

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Source of Information : CPU Computer Power User November 2010

Move over, iPad

After months of enjoying virtual ownership of the tablet computer market, Apple will finally get to see how consumers react to the first legitimate competitors to the iPad. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab was set for European release in mid-September, with the Android-powered mobile devices expected to land in the U.S. by the holidays. If Samsung reaches its goal of shipping 10 million units by the third quarter of 2011, it will give the Galaxy one-third of the worldwide tablet market now belonging solely to the iPad — with an array of new tablets scheduled for release throughout the next year. With an expected lower price point and rear- and front-facing cameras, the slightly smaller Galaxy may provide a viable alternative for users and add some intrigue to the mobile marketplace.

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